Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Philippines Now

Look around, look around
There's something I have found
In every corner, in every street
There are people, who are not very nice to meet
Brainwashed are their minds, 
By the power of fame
And brainwashed are their attitudes
Who rob and kindnap each other like insane

This is the Philippines now
Not very much like before
Not like the people who wrote La Solidaridad
Not like the ones who died before
Not like the heroes we used to looked up to
Not like the world with peace that those heroes wanted
But a world full of villains
The one thing unexpected

Wasted are the sacrifices
Our Philippine heroes made
Since even leaders of our own
Are making their own throne
Presidents, VPs, Senators and more
Are nothing like those heroes I expected like before

Sometimes I wonder
Of why our country and people then 
Are the complete opposite of our country and people now
Yes, we have freedom
But not the best country if I may add
Corrupt people, selfish robbers, excited-to-grow up children, and a world without cooperation

I'm not saying I hate the Philippines
I love it, yes I do
I just want Filipinos to know
That if we won't change
Then we won't learn as we grow

Thank You Philippines
And of course, the Filipinos
For making me know
That this world needs heroes
We need a more than a million, did you know?
Tomorrow's National Heroes' Day
And a very memorable day it is 
For here we remember
The priceless sacrifices our heroes did
We need to change, we need to grow
If not, what shall we do? 
The world needs heroes, and one of them could be you

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