Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Mysterious Benedict Society

     Let me start off by saying this book is nothing but a complete package of a very very good masterpiece!!! Five heartfelt stars to Trenton Lee Stewart!!!

     The adventure starts when children see a peculiar ad on the newspaper saying "Are you a gifted child looking for special oppurtunities?" (Yes, the ad was asking the children, not their parents.) Of course, dozens of children signed up. A test was conducted by a lady as thin as a pencil, and eleven-year-old Reynard Muldoon (AKA Reynie) was one of the dozen kids joining. With his very intellegent tutor, Miss Perumal, we think that this Reynie has the advantage of scoring more points in the test than we think. And that was true. Reynie was sent to another room at a different time to take the second part of the exam. There he meets two more kids, George Washington (No one calls him George, we call him Sticky), an eleven year old as well, and twelve-year-old bucket bringer, Kate Wetherall. The three become friends, slowly becoming more and more comfortable with each other, slowly knowing more and more about each other. To give you a lot of more info (as usual), Reynie is an orphan, Kate lives with the circus since she ran away from the orphanage, and Sticky, well...let's just say that it's your job to find out more about Sticky (I don't wanna be a spoiler here...). Then, the three discover that each of them was asked by a green-haired girl if they helped her with her pencil, they would give her a cheat-sheet. 

     Now, skipping to the next part, Reynie, Sticky, and Kate pass all of the tests and find themselves eating dinner in a house where they took their final test. Then Reynie, Sticky, and Kate find out about the green-haired girl, Rohnda Kazembe was actually a short grown up testing the kids. They also discover that the thin pencil lady is called "Number Two". Now, what if I told you that there's another one who passed the test? A little girl came into the room where Reynie, Sticky, and Kate were. She was so small that she had to climb up to the chair to sit down. Her name was Constance Contraire. She whined a lot, and expected candy for dinner. She lived in a library and didn't have someone she could call as "Mom" or someone she could call as "Dad". 

     The foursome meet Mr. Benedict, who was behind all the stressful tests. Mr. Benedict tells them that only very few children have knowledge like they do. Then he tells the four that he needs each and every one of them that they have to be his spies against LIVE (Learning Institute for the Very Enlightened). Live is the reason of why all of the people in Stonetown Harbor are being hypnotized. The people become boring. They don't remember anything. They look like they've never even experienced happiness in their whole life. Reynie, Sticky, and Kate's mission is to stop Mr. Curtain, the mastermind of the hypnotizing, the creator of the whisperer, and the head of Live. 

      Will the foursome succeed in a mission by themselves, four average looking kids? Will they even keep their secrets? Will they betray Mr. Benedict and follow in the footsteps of Mr. Curtain? These are few of the questions you will definitely ask. The Mysterious Benedict Society is one of the three favorite books of mine, and I wouldn't even think about giving this story more than a hundred stars.

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