Saturday, August 01, 2015

These Days...

      These days at school have been nothing but the same. I still hang out with Holly, and I could say that I think I'm making friends. I'm more open to my classmates compared to my school years before.  I go to the library with Candy, Holly, and some of our new classmates during dismissal. School Paper training still hasn't started, but I attend the Journalism Club at school. The air conditioner's compressor in our classroom was broken, so we had to stay at the music room for a month. 

      What's really surprising is that my English test is TOTALLY HARD. I don't usually study for language during our tests since it's a piece of cake for me and I still get really high grades. But now, I actually studied then felt pressured during the test like never before. What's even crazier is that our English teacher got sooo mad at us a few days ago. My classmate wasn't listening to our teacher, and my other classmate asked a question which was out of our topic. Then my teacher got mad, her face slowly got red and she walked out of the classroom saying she wouldn't teach us anymore.

      There's only one thing that I want to happen. All I want is to make this school year JUST LIKE last year. Just happiness and peace.
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