Thursday, July 23, 2015

Mommy's Bithday

     Last Week (July 18), my mom celebrated her birthday. We didn't have a very grand celebration. But who said you can't be happy without a grand celebration? 

     During the morning, me and my dad gave my mom a simple gift. A case for her i phone. Me and my family went to a cafe which took us about an hour to get to, where we celebrated mommy's birthday. For the first time in forever, I actually ate pandesal with white cheese. Which is local!!! (If you didn't know, I'm picky about food.) I loved the white chese soooo much!!! It was literally heaven on earth. We went back home, and my dad went to work during the afternoon. Me and my mom watched moivies at home and had a great day.

     This short yet memorable story would end up with me and my famiy saying I love you to each other, cherishing the happy moments, and simply being together. This is again one of the days I wouldn't dare forget.

     Happy Birthday Mommy. As naughty as I am, I still love you deep within me. No matter what.
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