Saturday, July 04, 2015

School So Far...

   It's been a very long time since I was able to write in my blog. It was very hard to fit in all my school work, malling with my family, reading books and chatting with my friends in a short period of time. School so far, is alright. Nothing bad, but still, I haven't made any new friends except for Mary who is my servicemate and Candy's classmate. On the bright side, I've made small talk with some of my classmates like Pepper, Dina, Elyssa, and Scarlette.

     A lot of things have happened these days. Me and Holly sit together during lunch and recess, me and Candy still see each other during dismissal, the old Language teacher quit and was replaced by a teacher like Ms. Jane who is a total Swiftie as well, I have a gay-like classmate sitting behind me at class and is crazy to be with, Me and my BFFA Amelia who is at Japan still talk to each other, My new school service driver always talks to me since he says I'm quiet, I auditioned for "Inside your backpack" (School Paper), qualified and became a part of the Journalism Club and last but not the least, for the first time on forever, I started reciting.

     Because a lot have happened, I could not describe how I actually feel. Not super busy, but busy. Not as sad as two years ago, but not as happy as the year ago. Not as quiet as now, but not as talkative with Candy like before. There are only three super simple words to describe what I want to happen next. Let It Unfold.

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