Monday, July 20, 2015

Artemis Fowl

   This story is about a twelve year old boy. A boy named Artemis Fowl II. If I would be asked to describe Artemis, I would say that he is quite mature for his age. Too mature. You wouldn't expect him to be like the kids nowadays. Kids his age like playing video games. Surfing the net. Chatting in Facebook. But these are activities for NORMAL kids. These are activities for modern kids. What does Artemis do? Be a villain. 

     To give you more info about this twelve-year-old villain Artemis, I shall say that the Fowls were rich. The Fowls are a family of criminals. But Artemis Fowl I has died. That was Artemis's dad. Artemis's mom, Angeline Fowl has been caging herself in her bedroom because of the death of her husband. Angeline can be crazy, imagining that her husband is beside her, which is not true. Thus, Artemis quit boarding school and stayed at Fowl Manor to do his devious schemes. But why exactly is Artemis becoming a villain? To get back family riches.

     On the other hand, the Butlers who are also an important part of the story have also been serving the Fowls for generations. Domovoi Butler (Commonly referred to as Butler) is the body guard and loyal manservant of Artemis. Juliet on the other hand is Butler's little sister who is also serving the Fowls. What is a story without the good guys? Holly Short is a female elf who works for LEPrecon (She's the only female working there). In a non-fancy way, Holly is basically a police officer. Now what does this elf named Holly have to do with the story? Well, Artemis ends up catching Holly's kind to get gold from their world to restore family riches. Julius Root (Commonly referred to as Root) is Holly's super strict boss, Foaly is a centaur friend of Holly, and some of the other characters like Mulch Diggums, Grub Kelp, and Trouble Kelp are some of the few characters you will not want to miss.
     From a scale of 1-10, I would give an outstanding 10 to this great book written by Eoin Colfer. It will make you feel puzzled. It will make your mind blow. It will make you want to go in the story. It will be addicting. It will make you want more. What are you waiting for? Read Artemis Fowl. 

*Book Review
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