Monday, July 06, 2015

School is Suspended!!!

      Well, as the title says, school was suspended a while ago. And I am sooooooo happy!!! It all started when I woke up. It was super duper cold and there was pouring rain everywhere. I woke up then went downstairs. As usual, I slept on the couch since I'm really not much of a morning person. I went up again after a few scoldings of my mom and took a bath. I went inside the bathroom and turned on the shower. It was FREEZING COLD!!!! And when I say freezing cold, I mean SOOO COLD!!!! I was shaking of coolness. It was weird that I forgot we had a heater in our shower 😂. At least I survived fifteen minutes of freaking cold water. After taking a bath then dressing up, I went downstairs and ate breakfast. I was eating Chicken Fillet which was delivered by McDonald's. After doing the usual routine, I waited for my school service to come. 

     The next thing I knew was that I was at school being the early bird once again. I distributed the books of my group then prayed the rosary with my classmates (which is also a part of the routine). As the bell rang we lined up outside, then went back then prayed, then sang the national anthem, then recited our school's vision, mision, blah blah blah. So, let's fast forward to recess. Me and Holly went to gate three since she left her lunchbox last friday. Our class ate inside of the classroom since it was so dark and wet outside because it was still raining like crazy. As recess finished, we had our next subjects then we had lunch, which is the most exciting part. We were having HRG when our principal's voice was heard on the paging system. "Please be informed that classes will be dismissed due to the suspension of classes." That was the only part which I remembered, since the principal's speech was soooooo long. Everyone in out classroom, including me, shouted and raised their hands of happiness. Gloomy school days become the opposite whenever classes are suspended. I was so happy that classes were suspended. First thing I would do when I go home is sleep. Long live school suspensions!!!
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