Sunday, July 05, 2015

Inside your backpack

     Hello there!!! This is the story of how I auditioned for "Inside your backpack", our school paper. Did I qualify? Read on.

      This story would begin on a day not so far away. June 19, 2015. Friday. While we were having class, a voice from the paging system was heard. A voice from the broadcasting club began to speak and said that there were auditions for Journalism, Photo Journalism, Cartooning, and Broadcasting later at 4 p.m in the publishing office. I began to think. Am I really going to audition for Journalism? Will I have fun? Would I even qualify? Would I be at least a little bit close to becoming an author in the future? My questions and curiosity again felt endless. 

       During break time, my adviser told me to go to the publishing office and audition for Journalism if I didn't want her to put me in another club. She also said that I should go with Elyssa, my classmate who was joining as well. After that short conversation, Candy as usual, approached me. I told her to join in the Journalism club as well since I really wanted us to become club members at least. The bell rang and the final agreement was that we would be auditioning later. Since it was a Friday, and I was part of group 5, we were the cleaners for that day. It was already dismissal and I was still stuck in that classroom cleaning. I wasn't finished yet, but I knew that I had to go. I approached my adviser and asked permission to go to the publishing office already. Luckily, she allowed me and even said that I should go now since I might be late. I went out the door and left my bag inside the classroom while my other group mates continued cleaning. I speed walked going upstairs. I saw Candy who was about to go up. I went to her and surprised her with a big "Hello!!!". Once me and Candy finally arrived to the publishing office, I saw Elyssa inside the room with a few students from the cream section. She asked me of I was auditioning. I said yes, of course. Then I asked her if she was auditioning too. She said no and said that she was already a member since she auditioned for cartooning during the summer. I found out that my classmate, Fred was auditioning for cartooning since he told Elyssa earlier, but Elyssa ended up roaming around the school looking for him. There was a teacher inside the room of course. I figured his name was Mr. Harris because of our Circular folder the day before. He asked me if I was auditioning and what I was auditioning for. I said Jounalism, then he pointed to the topic on the board. 

                     Journalism-"A Writer and His Pen" 

There were more stuff written on the board, but the other stuff were for the other auditions. The teacher then pointed to a pack of long bond paper next to his table. I got one and began thinking of possible words which would make it a master piece of art. I was just about to start, but I forgot that I left my bag inside the classroom. Me and Candy went back and got it. As we went back upstairs, we saw Fred with some of his friends. We called him and told him that the auditions were today. He said he would follow us, then we went up. As I finally had my pen with me, Candy told me something. She said that she wasn't ready. She wouldn't qualify for the auditions since she wasn't good enough but she badly wanted us to be club mates. I understood her. Me and Candy were really close friends just since last year. We only became friends last year, but it seems like we've known each other since birth. I knew that Candy wasn't very good in writing and she wanted to become a part of the dance club at school. I kindly replied. "If you don't want to join, I won't force you. I know that you want to join a different club and we won't become clubmates. But we'll still see each other right? We'll still be friends." It was really tempting for me to join the dance club at school since me and Candy would be clubmates, but I for a fact, am very bad in dancing. 

      What happened next you ask? Candy said sorry, since I might be thinking that she wouldn't want us to become club mates, but I nevre thought of that. She was too nice to act like that. Candy left after a few minutes, and the Upper School's dismissal was conducted. I had already wrote two long paragraphs, but I did the unexpected. I crossed it all out. I wrote a new one. I went outside to sit with Fred who was very concentrated in his drawing. I have also asked permission to my school service that I wouldn't be joining the first trip. I turned the paper and once again wrote; "The Writer and His Pen." I cannot tell you the exact words I have written, for my piece was not returned to me. The only thing that I wrote, which I clearly remember was "It is an Unseperable Relationship." A few minutes later, Fred wore his bag and said bye. I was slow. I tried to do my best. Once I finished, I passed my paper to Mr. Harris who was mad at some high school students for some reason. I said bye to Elyssa and at the exact time, the backrider of my service came. I rode the school service with the noisy High School Students and thought. "I think I may not qualify. That wasn't my best. I was too pressured. I was out of inspiration."

     June 24, 2015. Wednesday. We had free time and all my classmates were talking to each other. I was just looking at my back. Nothing to do. Nothing to say. No more Candy at my back, No more Amelia in front. I turned around and saw Elyssa. (I am going to be using tagalog to say the exact words she said.) "Athena, part ka na ng Emblem. Maganda daw sinulat mo."  Fred, who was sitting behind me, qualified too. But sadly, he just backed out since he realized that it was a big responsibility. I was so happy since she said that I qualified! I wasn't even trying, yet I qualified! The only problem now was that there wasn't any confirmation from a teacher. I waited for the next few days.

      July 1, 2015. Wednesday. 1st Club Meeting. The bell finally rang. Since Elyssa told me that I qualified for the Emblem, I went with her to the classroom of 6-Carnation, where the Journalism Club room was. We got inside and saw Ms. Wells who was our Language teacher. She was the Moderator of the Journalism Club. We came to the part where she asked us to do Feature Writing. She explained that Feature Writing was writing anything you want. You were free to write anything. I thought of a story for a loooonnnnggggg time. Then Elyssa who I was sitting next to me, finally said we should go out yo get some fresh air. I agreed with her. I badly needed to get some fresh air. We walked around the school. Classroom to classroom, Hallway to hallway. We went back to 6-Carnation then began writing. I thought of a story name "The Miracle Maker". It was about a girl who had nothing exciting in her life. She was a nobody. She has no friends. She was always bullied. She was from a rich family, but that beautiful priceless smile from a child was never seen on her face. Each night, she cried herself to sleep, resulting to her having puffy eyes the next day, resulting to her classmates teasing her again and again. There was only one reason of why she was never happy. She never prayed. My story, of course, had a happy ending. I wouldn't dare making that poor girl even poorer. The girl ended up having a bad school year, but summer came. Each night, she prayed. One thing was never forgotten to think of whenever she prayed. "Please. Just one friend. That's all I ask for. During the next school year, the girl didn't make a friend, but a whole group of friends. The End. The story I wrote was based on my previous school year two years ago. We weren't rich, and I wasn't teased. But I never had a friend, and I never prayed. I passed my paper to Ms. Wells. After a few minutes of checking, Ms. Wells called me and another club mate and said "Athena, are you a part of the "Inside your backpack"?" I was so stupid that I forgot, so I said No. Elyssa corrected me and said yes. Ms. Wells told the other girl, who wasn't part of "Inside your backpack" that she is suggesting she should join. Since I was already a part of the school paper, and Ms. Wells wants me to join if I wasn't part of the emblem, I think that would mean that she liked my work and it was emblem-worthy!!! :) :) :) What's going to happen next? Let it Unfold.

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