Saturday, July 04, 2015

First Day of Classes ('15-'16)

   Yesterday was totally crazy!!! Lots of words could be used to describe how I felt. A few of them were shy, nervous, excited, fun, and memorable. As the title says, yesterday was the first day of classes. Want to know more? Read on. 

    Like all of my other posts, this story would begin with me, waking up. It was about 4:30 am, and unlike last year and every other year before that, I woke up early without giving nanny a very hard time. I figured that maybe it was just because it was the first day of classes. I ate breakfast, took a bath, and my hair was tied classically just like last year (It had a bit of hair which was put on to the side). I felt a bit nervous at this point. I saw myself dressed in my tidy uniform with a long red checkered skirt and my new black shoes. Once we were in the car, I didn't say anything else but an "I'm nervous." There was nothing else to be said. Once we arrived at school, my mom helped me with my stuff while my dad parked the car. My bag was seriously heavy. It was full of books, which really doesn't have any difference from rocks if you tried it. Me and my mom walked towards the classroom. I leead her through the stairs, went to the left and stopped at the second classroom. The label above the door said "Rosal". I put my bags down in front of the classroom since the door wasn't open yet. I told my mom that she could go, then I kissed her with a goodbye. I was the fourth to arrive. I saw my classmate, Danica from last year. I immediately said that we should go down to see our other classmates. We weren't very close, but we walked together anyway. We saw our old classmates, but no sign of my old friends. Not one of them was to be seen. From my seven closest friends, I knew that only three were going to be staying in our school. As my classmate saw her old friends, she walked with them while I was left alone. That was one of the reasons why we weren't very close. I went back upstairs while Danica followed and we put our bags inside since the door was already opened. We went outside again and as I looked to the classroom next door, I ran to my left with very happy feelings. I felt like I was going to conjure a Patronous Charm. Two of my best friends, Anna and Violet stood in front of me. I hugged them with a priceless smile. We talked for a few minutes, we went down to check on our other classmates, and we spent time together. It was good while it lasted. I went back to the classroom and sat down with the very quiet crowd of new classmates. Minutes passed and quite a short girl entered the room. She wore a gray and blue uniform and glasses. She didn't say anything, but of course I knew that she was our adviser.

      Danica finally came back. She sat on the seat on the right seat in the back. She saved a seat for her friend while I saved a seat next to me for Holly who was a bit of my friend last year. I did nothing but stare out the window and daydream about every detail last school year, good and bad, happy and sad. The class increased more and more until the Morning Routine (We do this every morning at school) was nearer and nearer. I began to lose hope that Holly wasn't coming. But, I was wrong. Holly came in the door and walked forward. She didn't seem to notice me. I called "Tris!!!" (her surname) in a modulated voice with my hand held up high. Danica, who was closer to the back called her and pointed to the seat in front, which was the seat next to me. I could tell by her face that she was relieved when she saw me with me pointing to an empty seat. She put her new orange Jansport bag next to my pink floral Jansport bag and sat next to me. We began talking in low voices until the bell finally rang. Just like the two years ago, we went out in front of the classroom and formed a line by height. As usual, we went back inside and began the prayer, national anthem, blah blah blah. We sat down and our adviser was Ms. Bay. She started the orientation and we organized our school supplies. Once we finished, the second part I hated about the first day happened. "You better enjoy your seats right now, since I will be arranging you into your proper seats later." Ms. Bay had said. And now was the later. Us girls were the first to go to the seats. We were arranged by height and I was in the second row in Group 5. I began to say this to myself in my mind; It could be anyone. Anyone. I saw that Holly sat in her seat just like last year. Lucky for her. The boys were finally grouped and guess what? My last year classmate, Vinn who is very arrogant was my seat mate. But wait, there's more. We were also seat mates last school year. Nothing changed. Pure torture. 

      The bell finally rang and it was recess. Me and Holly sat on the two chairs with tables on the right side. The others sat on the table part which was very hot. Me and Holly talked a little and then she went to her old friends. A few minutes after that, we walked going to the canteen. Then, another Patronous charm (if there weren't any dementors) would be made. I saw Candy. She was walking with Leanna. I ran quickly but quietly. Then, with a very great feeling, I surprised Candy with my two hands. Then I said, "Hiiii!!!!". We walked around the school with such happiness. But everything has its end. The bell rang and all of my schoolmates went to their classrooms, me and Candy said Bye to each other. 

     When we got back to our classrooms, Ms. Bay gave us our name tags. The first part I hated about first day happened. "I will be giving you your name tags, but to get them, you must introduce yourselves first." The introduction was always making my temperature chilly. A lot of my classmates finished introducing theirselves. Then, teacher said, "Athena". Of course, I felt super duper queasy. I went to the front. Whenever there's something I feel nervous about at school, I always try to look confident. I show my classmates that I'm not shy. I always do. But whenever my classmates would tell other people about me, or I would just eavesdrop, these are exactly what I always hear.; My teacher called me and I didin't know the answer. I would hear "Hay Nako si Athena nahihiya nanaman." I had a cold and I was honestly coughing and my voice was different. My teacher would say "Lakad palang nahihiya na eh".  I answer my teachers when I am called, only if I know the answer. I present my work whenever we have homework and I always tell myself that nothing bad is going to happen if I present it. My classmates don't see that. They still go with the past and think that I'm the shy and quiet girl at school. They think I don't change. Anyway, going out of the personal issue, I said "My name is Athena Cat I'm **** years old My birthday is on Novemer **, ****." And, yes I didn't use periods in my sentence. My teacher gave me my name tag and clarified my birthday. I sat down and waited patiently. 

       The bell rang. It was lunch. Same things happened. The bell rang again. It was dismissal. Our teacher dismissed us and another adventure had began. I arrived at Gate three and it was very very very very crowded. Each day at school was always crowded, especially when the students haven't gotten home yet. I looked for my new service and asked the guard, Ate Emily if they were here yet. They weren't. I talked to Candy and she told me that she and Danica were going to find her crush. I talked with Holly as well. After a few minutes, my new service came. I went out with the new back rider, Kuya Jayce. As I walked through the hot, sunny, and wide parking lot which served as a playground for some of the students. I rode the new service which was also an Escapade van painted in yellow. I was the second to arrive. The first one was a small grade four girl with short hair and glasses. I sat down quietly on the second row of the van nearest to the window. The driver, Kuya Rocky told me to write down my mom and dad's name to enter the gate of our subdivision. I wrote it down and by the time I finished, we were about to go. Each window was closed. The key was turned to the right. I felt a slight elevation. My face began to feel the icy freshness from the cool air conditioner. The doors were closed and all there was left to do was say "All aboard". I enjoyed the rest of the day and knew that this was another piece of wonderful history.

*Written on: June 9, 2015

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