Wednesday, June 03, 2015

A Visit From Grandpa

     Last night was a very special night. I got a visit from my grandfather. He died on Christmas eve and getting through it was not very easy. (Read "Is this Really Christmas" in my April posts) Think about having such a happy occasion yet being very sad because of a loosing someone you love. You wouldn't be able to see him ever again. You wouldn't be able to see him again. You won't be able to talk to him again. You won't be able to hug him again.  But last night, I think I did.

     I was with my nanny outside. It was night time in our backyard and to make it worse, rain was pouring down with thunder. We sat on the table set outside which overlooked our pool. Me and my nanny were arguing because she didn't put nail polish with nail art on me correctly. Then the doorbell rang. My nanny smiled then exactly said "Nandyaan na si Jong." Just like in real life, whenever someone rang the doorbell and I would get all crazy. I ran and laughed and smiled then went up the stairs where our biggest window was located. Surprisingly, the window was elevated but the view was like the window wasn't. Another surprising thing was that The front of our house was completely sunny. It was so sunny and so colorful and it was very unlike our backyard. I saw my grandpa outside the gate with my nanny about to open it. At his back was his old van he used to drive, Sportivo. (My grandma still uses it :) ) I couldn't remember what happened next, but what happened was that we ended up in my mom and dad's room. They were both asleep including my dog.  I sat on the bed with my legs moving back and forth. Grandpa was staring at me. At first, I didn't think it was a dream. It was the clearest dream I ever had. Even though I got a visit from my grandpa when he just died and I was just eight, this one was the clearest dream I've ever had. His face was so clear and in my dream, his face was the one thing I'm sure I wouldn't forget. He hugged me and I hugged him tightly with a big smile. Then from a very far world, I teleported back to my bed sweatier like always.
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