Wednesday, June 03, 2015


    Today was the biggest day of May. It was even bigger, more awaited and more nerve wracking than the wedding last Saturday. I woke up earlier than usual. Today was the announcement of sections. Two words. Nervous. Excited.

I was finally awake and my i pad was the first thing I touched today. I couldn't believe that it was today! My heart skipped a beat as the seconds slowly passed. If me and my friends were classmates, what a feeling I would feel! I tapped on the safari in my i pad and immediately searched for my school's website. I tapped the section assignments and waited without patience. I looked at it with a small amount of disappointment. My i pad showed something like this.
                           SECTION ASSIGNMENTS
                                      SY 2014-2015
       If you can't find your name, please call the Registrar's office.
                            Search: Student's Name

The sections for this year weren't posted yet. I refreshed the page and surprisingly, the numbers 2014-2015 disappeared and the numbers 2015-2016 appeared. Out of excitement, I immediately searched my name. The page loaded and my eyes grew as big as an owl's.

                               SECTION ASSIGNMENTS
                                     SY 2015-2016
         If you can't find you name, please call the Registrar's Office.
                   Search: Athena Cat

                                       Not found...

I refreshed the page again. I looked at the page again. I breathed of relief. They changed the way to search for the names. Instead of searching for names, the school website requested for Student I.D numbers. I entered my I.D number and waited for the results to come out. 

           Full Name         Athena Cat
           Section             Rosal
Without a moment to waste, I searched for my friends'. It was quite hard since it required ID numbers, but luckily I knew what year they got into school and as I searched for the first two numbers, surnames were already included. Bailey; not found. 😖 Violet; not found. 😖 Anna; Rose. 😖 None of them were my classmates. My heart raced and hoped and prayed that Candy would be my classmate. Candy: Carnation. I felt alone. I felt like someone was betraying me. I felt like crying. To make matters worse, two of my friends weren't going to my school anymore. Amelia's at Japan and Phia went to a new school. I felt that if I was ice cream, I would quickly melt into liquid and become sadder, more bitter and if I was to be eaten, I think that I would make a kid run away because of my taste. I know that I could just make new friends, but since we wouldn't be able to see each other, we would just rip apart and become strangers to one another. I planned to search for the sections of my classmates later. I lay down and stared at the ceiling. Then I began to think. Would I really have friends who make me happy just as they do? Would I really have a friend who likes Ever After High as much as me and Amelia do? Would I ever have a friend who I could have an adventure with around the school after class like Bailey? Would I have a friend like Candy who I could talk to anytime and like Hello Kitty and Taylor Swift? Would I really have a friend who is as crazy and fun like Violet? Would I really have a friend who is as sweet like Phia? Would I really have a friend who is as kind as Anna? Would I really have friends who I love just like them? Could I ever be able replace them? The questions in my head were endless. I felt like I had an unsolvable problem. 

    Minutes which felt like centuries passed and I was back searching for the sections of my fellow batch mates. I only had very few classmates from Sanggumay. I had messaged Candy screen captures of our sections on facebook and we both felt very sad yet we joked about her imaginary grave because we weren't classmates. While chatting on facebook, I heard my phone vibrate and play Mean by Taylor Swift. I got it and saw that Candy called me. We went offline on Facebook and talked to each other while we searched for the sections of our schoolmates. Once me and Candy finished talking for about an hour, I searched for some other classmates. I searched the girls of Sanggumay. Holly was my classmate. We were a bit of friends too. We used to practice in last year with Anna since we competed in a spelling bee contest at school. Maybe we'll become closer this year. 

    All I hope is that God will listen to all of my prayers. I prayed that me and my old friends wouldn't rip apart and that we would still be the best of friends. I prayed that this year would be just as fun as last year.

Written On: May 25, 2015

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