Saturday, July 18, 2015

School Of Fear

     Have you ever had a fear that has never been cured since you were born? Are you afraid of insects like spiders? Dying? Tight spaces? Or water perhaps? Think your fear is incurable? Think again. At School of Fear, there isn't a student (except Aberthany) and fear that is too impossible to overcome.

     Madeleine Materson, Theodore Bartholomew, Lulu Punchalower, and Garrison Feldman are in for a school they never thought existed. The parents of these four kids are completely out of hope AND options. Everywhere they look, nothing seems to cure their kids. Until each of them find out about an exclusive boarding school located at a place no other than completely isolated Summerstone, Massachusetts. But as these kids are finally about to go to the school, all of them begin to wonder. How in the world would there be a school completely isolated, covered in vines through the forest, with no signal to communicate to their families at all, and most importantly, has an old teacher who seems to know nothing about fears at all? Questions were endless.

      Madeleine, Theo, Lulu, and Garrison finally start their classes. They've slept at their dorms, got a tour of the school; or should I say mansion, and have visited a smelly library. I suppose that would be a lot in one day. But there were thousands of problems. Some of them are; 1) The foursome's headmistress and ONLY teacher, Mrs. Wellington is KUH-RA-ZY. She's a former beauty pageant champion, she wears wigs since she already has a bald head, and as I said she seems to know nothing about fears. 2) Their school, which is Mrs. Wellington's big mansion has phones. WHICH DON'T WORK! Communication is a big problem 3) Summerstone is totally isolated and it isn't at all a place fit for a school. 4) Munchauser, Mrs. Wellington's lawyer is huge. He also LIKES loves doing bets. How many pizza boxes for lunch or What's behind my back bets, you name it, 5) Schmidty, cook/office assistant/groundkeeper of Summerstone is not really that bad, but he's a character you're going to want to remember (Hey! Just a girl making a book review here).Mrs. Wellington often refers to him as deaf, which is sooo not true. 6) Macaroni!!! No, not Macaroni and Cheese. Macaroni is an English bulldog who is Mrs. Wellington's pet AKA sniffer for the students' bags. Sadly, he used to have a friend named Cheese but passed away. Macaroni's favorite hobbies are eating and sleeping, but expect yourself to wake up seeing Mac right in front of you. 7) And lastly, school of fear ONLY has four students. Only.

Read School of Fear by Gitty Daneshvari. School of Fear is a really great book if you're into fiction and adventure. I myself enjoyed it and I am looking for some more. The story has some really funny parts, especially Theo's lines. This is again another one of my book reviews, and I could say that I would seriously want to graduate from the school of fear. See you for another great book review!!!


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