Tuesday, February 21, 2017

My Life is a Trash Can.

My life is a trash can. It always has been, but I had never had the guts to say that it is true. But yes, it very much is. 

     All my life ever since I can remember, I've poured all the hard work needed for the best results. I give my very best in everything, I make sure that everything was given enough attention, that everything has just the right need. No putting too much sugar in the coffee, no cutting the paper more than an inch, no reading too little in my math book. I follow by the rules, and mostly put even more paint to make your damned canvas look nice. I always do. 

     And yet, as you pay your bills -- give even more than what is required, the cashier, of course, will have to give you your change. You gave her twenty dollars for a price of ten dollars, and then you get only a dollar back. And when you say that it's unfair, that she should be giving the exact change, all that is to be said is THERE IS NO MORE MONEY IN THE CASH REGISTER. You, being the innocent stupid payer, obviously, will not be able to do a thing. You aren't a magician to make money appear out of thin air, are you?

     My whole life is basically like that. No matter how much I give effort into one thing, I am repaid with such little than I really should be getting. I'm really not being arrogant, greedy, or anything -- I know when what I'm doing isn't right. But to be honest, it sucks not getting the victory that you deserve. It depresses me that my life is just a trash can -- I only get the wrongs, the sufferings, the unfairness. The stabs of pain hurt even more when you see the lazy, careless ones get the trophy. The unneeded things, the excess from the perfects, are the ones given back to me. 

     I've long accepted the fact that life is unfair, and it always will be.
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