Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Greatest Sacrifice

     Well, today I figured that I want to keep a daily habit of writing at least one short story everyday. I didn't do this solely because of Valentines -- the annoying day of hearts just really had to match up with my own schedule. Anywho, since it's that disgusting month of love and chocolates, I will do my best at giving a very short love story. It's not a good one though, so if you hate sad endings, go away and don't dare come back. 

The Greatest Sacrifice By Athena Cat

     Once upon a time, hidden in the woods beyond where the owls hooted in chorus and the moon illuminated the sky, was a tiny flame currently in grave need of water. Most types of fire would instantly die at the slightest drop of liquid, but this flame was different, since she needed something cool for herself to survive. It was a genetical mistake, her parents would always say. 

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     On the exact same day of the flame in need, a bucket of water was walking along the leafy path when he noticed the unique light of fire, shining and blazing in the beautiful black sky. She was panting and sweating, her eyes scanning the forest with panic. Being a cool liquid, the water suddenly felt himelf go hot, as he ran towards the flame with his heart beating louder than ever. 
"Hello there, miss!" he chirped with gleeful eyes.
"Hola. . ." the flame replied lightly. 
"Well, you sure look like you've got a problem. What's the matter?" he asked innocently. The flame took a deep breath and looked the water in the eye. 
"I-I. . . I can't breathe anymore, I think I - I'm about to say goodbye to the world," sputtered the flame with hot tears of lava. 
"Say goodbye? Does that mean you're about to be die?"
"Sorry, I - I can't live without water. I'm a-a different type of flame, you see. I need just a little to keep myself healthy." The water looked at himself with amusement. He was water, and if he gave himself to the flame, she'd live. But then. . . what about hisself? Pushing away the thought, the water approached the sobbing flame and whispered silently, so quiet that not a single animal in the planet would be able to hear. It took a lot of nerve and courage, but when he was in the securing warmth of the fire, the choice felt so right. Just so right.
"Don't worry, flame. I'm going to give myself to you. Stop crying, you'll stay alive. I'm right here." he hushed her up and made her relax. The water was so scared at this idea. He felt wreckless, and hadn't even thought of his decision very well. But the flame seemed in such a great need, and she made the water's heart come to life, as though nothing else in the world had mattered. 
"Water, no! If you give yourself --" It was too late for words. The water splashed onto the flame, as the flame sprang to joy at the relief she now felt. The flame bursted in smoke, now healthy, but alone with no water.
"Water. . ." the flame cried out. She looked at herself, and bowed her head in depression.
"It didn't have to be like this," she yelled out to no one in particular. She felt stupid and alone, it felt worse than being dehydrated. 
"I'll never forget you!" she shouted so loudly that all the birds in every tree flew away. 

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     The flame was true to her word. Five years after, she had a husband, a flame just as herself. But if it weren't for the water that sacrificed itself, she would not open her eyes to still be able to be alive at a time like this. It was the greatest sacrifice yet. 

     This is once again another lesson for us all that water cannot fall in love with fire. For one reason, they don't go together, and they will kill each other. Love won't stop you from killing each other to death, alright. (I know this thought has nothing to do with the story, but you get it.) Love is putting the needs of another before yours, and I as Athena Cat doubt that love will not at all hurt. This is reality, I assume. Nothing is permanent, and there is no such a thing as forever. 

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     Happy Valentines.

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