Saturday, February 18, 2017


I do not know why so many people are extremely frightened of me. They shiver and gasp at the slightest thought or sight of me. To be quite frank with you, I love the world and I appreciate the little unnoticeable beauty in all sorts of things. From the drops of snow on Christmas nights, to the scorching heat in the summer. I even like collecting stamps, if you'd believe. 

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     Ever since the beginning of time, I was always treated as this insolent piece of dirt that gave chills to everyone as soon as they got over their problem and moved on with their life.

     I am not to be feared at all. 

     If you'd notice, I am the cause of all your happiness. Without me, you'd never even smile or laugh. Remember, joy cannot proceed without despair. I was there with you during your crushing heartbreak, when your crush always failed to lay his eyes on you. I was there for you when you and your cousins would stay up late, creating puppet shows or when you'd have your cute pillow fights. I was also there when you'd close your eyes and take a break from all the rumpus in the world. And how am I repaid? Through ignorance, fear, and annoyance. 

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      I am the darkness. I am feared because of my appearance, when you yourself never notice all the things that I have done just for you. I have been your friend when the world shut you out, I wiped your tears as they dried up on your pillow, I stayed up with you till the dawn, all to comfort you. I notice the beauty in you, I see the struggles you deal with, and I understand. I may not be able to communicate with you, but just look at me and you'll know that everything's going to be okay. I have understood life as a dangerous, cruel place, and trust me when I say that I, the darkness, am not the mastermind of this. I am not completely a foe, but I desire to be a friend. Welcome me into your life, and please don't be scared. I'll always be here for you.

Photo Creds to Pinterest, Editing to Wonderings of a Writer and Typorama 

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