Monday, February 06, 2017

Lief Rn

     It is Februaryyy! Yahoo. NOT. 
     So far, the whole month for me has been jinxed. Sugarcoated stuff are everywhere, cheezy pick up lines surround me, the characters in the books I read are just drawn together, and during my other day at school, I dropped my food and then a frisbee attacked me! What a wonderful world we have, eh?


     Anywho, our trip to Baguio just happened yestserday! I have to admit that this wasn't as fun as our trip to Tagaytay. I even felt so out of place last Saturday, that I secretly cried in the bathroom. Being Athena Cat is just a huge disability, and I have to admit that I haven't FULLY built or brought back the past with my family. 


     I don't usually have the richness of time, but since we got home by 11 last night, my parents didn't let me go to school today so that I could rest. And now, I have time to write this very random blog post of things that won't concern the rest of the planet!

     I just finished reading Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard today, AND IT IS ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF ALL TIME. I cannot explain how it made me feel -- annoyed, but so in love and captivated at the same time. If anyone's curious, I'M SHIPPING MARE WITH CAL.


     It's 3 pm right now, and I'm quite worried for school. I'm afraid of the requirements I've missed, and the stress that it is to bring. Currently, I am also worrying about our CL/VE Slam Poetry presentation tomorrow. Ughhh. 

     Help me out with life, cause this girl is stressed out. 😂😂😂

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