Monday, January 25, 2016

Out Of Billions

     Out billions of people in this humongous universe, sometimes I wonder why God has given me this kind of life. 

     Each and every person's life is beyond important, and I love this life, and wouldn't want to change it, even if I was to become a princess. But despite my gratefulness, there comes a time where I weep in a corner of my bedroom, just because I don't get the new pair of shoes I see at the mall. I let my mouth tangle and scream with tears about not getting the last slice of cake in the fridge, or not getting the TV remote first. And yet, as more and more news spread across the globe about unfortunate people, I wonder why I get this kind of life, when people are out there, capable of being a better daughter, friend, and person.

     Why am I so lucky? Why? I don't know the reason of why God didn't give this kind of beautiful life to other children, who weep on the street, beg on their knees for just a little bit of food, who wear nothing but tattered clothes, who can't even afford to go to school, who haven't even laid hands on an iphone, who haven't felt the warm blanket of a parent's love, and still manage to wear smile, and be jolly inside out. Why did he give it to me, who cries over spilled milk and can't even be contented over little things? If he gave it to the other people, wouldn't things be better? Other people smile genuinely, and are thankful from the deepest corners of their hearts, just when a five peso coin is given to them. I deserve to be on the streets, begging and waiting for the sun set with an empty stomach, sitting alone with tears leaking from my eyes on a cold, windy, isolated nowhere.

     Life can suffocate you, stress you, or make you die. Life can be your long life enemy, never giving you what you want, making things go out unplanned. But life can be make you smile, it'll give you wonders, it'll make your eyes see things like never before, make the impossible possible, let each part of your body tingle with delight and curiosity, and life can be your best friend.

     God gave me this kind of life. He gave me a huge blessing, and I can't believe that I complain and whine about silly tiny things. I cannot change what he has done, and I am forever grateful, because out of billions and billions of girls, or boys, or animals, or plants, he chose me, Athena, to actually experience this. It may not be obvious, bit I am very thankful for the oppurtunity of this. I don't think that such a word will be able to describe how pleased, blessed, and blissful I am. There won't be anything in this world that will push me to trade my life. You only live once, so make the most out of it. Remember that there are billions of people, who innocently get a life they don't deserve. Try to smile, genuinely, just because of a 'thank you' from a friend. Spread happiness, be kind, be contented with tiny things, and be thankful because out of billions of people, God chose you. 🙏

Thank you, God, because out of billions, you chose me.

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