Friday, January 22, 2016

True Love and its Sidekick

     Once the hand traps the sidekick, and the words start messing up the spotless page, only two things are essential. The imaginary universe on the paper, and the one that makes it possible; the true love of writing.

     Isn't it incredible to face he fact that innocent, silent portions of ink called words are capable of change and power. It can make fat tears leak from your eyes, or giggles from your mouth, or even a smile as precious as a diamond.

     Words are magical. Words are powerful. Words can change the world. But where the words come from is even more amazing. Because behind every story is just a paper. But behind the paper, is a pen and passion.

     Passion, first of all, isn't just the skill. It isn't the genius behind it either though. Behind everything is a pen and a writer, with passion, the trusty sidekick and the true love of writing. The pen and passion.

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