Monday, January 04, 2016

Happy 2016! How to Write your New Year's Resolutions

    Happy New Year!!! As 2015 has come to an end, and 2016 has finally landed, this is quite bad news for me. . . because I've got to go to school today!!! 

      Because this is a new year, this also means a new life. We all have to get rid of the bad habits inside of us, since this is another year for all of us. This is another chance to start anew and fresh. I have created a list of my new year's resolutions, and I have to say that it isn't very easy, especially the thought of having to get rid of your habits, and adjusting to new ones. So here is a post on how to create your new year's resolution list.

1. Get a piece of paper and a pen or any other writing material. 
2. Think of the amiss things you mostly do. It can be eating beyond your diet, coming late to school/work, or maybe spending more time with your family. 


3. Be specific. While writing your list, make sure that you'll be specific. This will give you encouragement and will really push you to start anew. It will also remind you of what you really need to change about yourself. If one of your resolutions is to manage your time better, use bullets. It can be something like this:

     A.Time Management
          -Do paperwork earlier
          -Make sure to choose clothes a day before an event so you won't be late.

Despite how hard your resolution may be, write it. Every new year is about change, and becoming better. Change can be good, so let difficulty get ahead of your determination.

4. After writing your list, make sure that you've got the determination to do it. When you find yourself in the middle of eating another bottle of coke, look at your list and force yourself to stop.  Remember that if you never stop something, it could go on and on until it slowly becomes forgotten, and worth nothing. You are responsible of all your actions, so remember your resolutions and have a happy fruitful 2016 :)

Some tips are...
-While writing your resolutions, be realistic. If your one of your resolutions is to create the newest inventions of all time, think again. Perhaps you should start with baby steps like, 'To finish a part of my new invention'. But if you really really think you can do it, go ahead!
-Don't give up when you don't do your resolution right away. You're in a new life, so don't get stressed out if you fail. Things aren't always perfect during the earliest times.
-Don't let other people destroy your resolutions. If temptation's defeating you, fight it. When a friend tells you to spend overtime at school just to goof off, but your resolution is to come home early, don't get tempted. Remember that this is a new year, and change is now or never.


A happy 2016 to everyone!

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