Saturday, April 11, 2015

Room 309, Sanggumay

       Twenty-four days have passed since me and my classmates have not seen each other. The few two weeks before the last day were cherished more than ever. We did not have lessons anymore, and the teachers let us watch different films. In my point of view, the teachers let us spend more time while we were together. Since the last day, March 18, 2015, me and my friends couldn't talk to each other much even on facebook due to their required summer classes and vacations. My days since then have been quite boring or maybe, just not enjoyable. I never really waited for the day where summer would finally begin and all the stress from school would stop. Whenever school days were more than fun, crazy, exciting, and memorable, I would just think; "I'm gonna miss these guys! How couldn't I?".  Before all of this happened, before the first day, believe it or not, I was honestly thinking the complete opposite.

       It was almost June 2014 and the section assignments for the school year were finally posted on the school website. I was so excited! My imaginations ran wild as I thought of what new adventures were waiting for me this year. As I searched for my name, I saw that I was in the section of Sanggumay. My hopes were to high. I did not want to get in the section of Sanggumay due to a teacher who jokes too much that can get too, umm, hurtful to others feelings (No offense! ✌). I wanted to have a different teacher, the class adviser of Gumamela.  As I searched for the other names of my fellow batch mates, not a single friend became my classmate. Tears fell from my eyes. As my mom said; "Who knows, you might make new friends". Three words. Worst Year Ever.

      The first day came so fast and I was nervous more than ever. I listened to my mom's advice and one single thing was on my mind. Make friends. I did not want to go back to last year where I cried myself to sleep because of the loneliness at class. I wanted to have friends. During last year's summer, I always prayed for my deepest desire. "Jesus, please. At least one friend. I'd be more than happy with just a single friend." There I was, walking to the Sanggumay classroom. Room 309. I opened the door, kissed my mom goodbye and saw a few students nervous so quiet like they don't know each other. I wondered where the adviser was. I took a seat at the third row, no one next to me with sweaty palms and waited for what was going to happen next. A lot of the students were now in the classroom. A pretty kind looking girl entered the room, I recognized her from the section I wanted to get into. She put her bags on the teacher's table at the back, turned on the fans and showed a kind smile. "Why are you all quiet, you know each other, right?" She eventually told us that the old teacher resigned due to personal reasons. And of course, as you can see, she was our adviser. :)

      Days passed and I made a new friend who now is not recognized to me as a friend. During the second day, I gave her some of my snacks since she didn't have food for recess and on one first friday mass, she ignored me completely and didn't even talk to me. I thought I found the answer to my prayers. I was wrong. I didn't want to have another sad life. So, I found a new friend. I made this friend with her borrowing colored pencils from me. During the following week, she gave me paper which was really needed for our class. It may be just paper, but I was saved from the scary terror teacher getting mad. Then I even found another friend. It all started with a simple chat on facebook.  (August 16, 2014) During the following school day, she asked if I would like to have lunch with her. Of course I said yes. I did a happy dance in my head! That yes changed my life. When I sat with her at lunch I met even more friends and had my own barkada. It was like a fairytale. A perfect fantasy.

   Well, that's only the beginning of what happened to the last memorable year. I also became vice president of the class, the leader of my group, won the spelling bee contest and a lot more. It would take me forever to explain how happy I was in just one post. And here we are again, me recalling what it felt like when I was still in Sanggumay, missing my friends dearly. But what I want to say is that God will always listen to your prayers. He can give more than what you want if you just pray. I always asked for just one friend but he gave me more than a friend. He gave me a group of friends. Besides, who knows maybe we'll be friends next year or maybe I could make new friends. God always has his reason why he made anything happen. He made a memorable school year in a memorable room. Sanggumay. Room 309. Memories.


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