Thursday, April 30, 2015

My First Job Interview!

       A few days have passed from a very big day. I was interviewed for a job over the summer and it was totally nerve wracking. It all started two days before the deadline of the search. I thought about joining a lot. Lots of questions popped in my head whenever I saw the pictures of the search on facebook. "Will I join or not? I think I have a better chance now. Wait, no". I told my mom about the search and she said that I should go for it. "Just try it and let's see what happens", she would say. Of course, I tried to join. As soon as we decided, I began starting the application. I only had tonight and tomorrow. And the application had loads of requirements. I slept so late. The following day, as I woke up, I continued the application. As I finished, we sent the e-mail at 11:00 PM. We were quite pressured as we only had an hour. It was now or never. Days passed until a normal Monday came. As usual, my mom got home at about 7:30. She told me that she had great news. She showed me a text message from the Staff Writer of my favorite magazine. The text said that I was one of the finalists of the Junior team. I was speechless. It was very unexpected for me since I knew that there were other girls better than me but, I made it!

    My eyes finally opened from a nervous sleep. I woke up sweatier than you could imagine, my legs were already tingling of nervousness. I stood up and went downstairs. I took a seat on my favorite chair in the house. I began skimming each and every issue of my favorite magazine. I needed confidence today. It wasn't any other average day. I was so nervous. I had entered to be the Staff Writer for the Junior Team of my favorite magazine. I didn't think that I would really get chosen. While reading magazines, I fell asleep, daydreaming about my interview. I panicked a bit when I saw what time it was. "Daddy, I'm going to get ready now." It was already 11:30. An hour passed and we rode the car about to go to a magazine publishing office (I'm not telling the office name!). The ride was so long that I even fell asleep by 1:30. By 2:35, me and my dad ended up in a mall. We walked inside the mall going to the office. We entered the elevator and went to the sixth floor. As we walked out, there was a guard watching over an office which was really big. It was just like my mom's office. My dad told the guard that we were here for the interview. We got inside and waited for quite a short time. Then, the girl who was sitting with us holding a piece of paper asked my name and lead us to a conference room. Once my dad and I got in, I saw two girls with their mom like me waiting quietly for their turn. Three girls passed and the staff writer who texted us finally said "Okay, next, Athena Cat". I took a deep breath and got nervous more than ever. I walked towards the door nervously trying to look real confident. The staff writer lead me to another conference room just next door. As she opened the door, I the whole team sitting right there. I took a seat on the single chair in front. The interview finally began. They asked quite a lot of questions which were hard and easy. I was very nervous but luckily, the interview finally ended! It was a huge relief and I finally went back to daddy! I told him all about how I answered, the questions and how I felt.

     Did I get chosen or not? Now that's an answer we're not going to miss.
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