Thursday, April 30, 2015

My Sisters

   It was June 2014. The school year 2013 was the worst school year ever. 2014 came, and having another bad school year wasn't going to be an option for me. Ever since the first day of school year 2014, I made a friend. I thought that she was going to be my best friend through the good and bad. I was wrong. August 16, 2014 came. I was online on facebook and me and one of my classmates had a chat. The following day, that classmate asked me to have recess and lunch with her. Then, a friday came and me and another girl were told to sit together in our computer lab. The girl immediately made friends with me. She borrowed my colored pencils since she hated her wax crayons. Those simple things lead me to a whole new world. Me and those two girls became best friends. Eventually, my old not-friend started ignoring me and had a new group of friends. Can you guess what happened next? Well, the girl who I had a chat with introduced me to her other friends. Another girl I was friends with in grade three, became my friend again. (We couldn't talk to each other before since we weren't classmates!) And in the end, I had a totally wonderful barkada. It was like a fairytale. How I was so sad last year, and suddenly now, I have seven cool best friends!

     Do you know who those seven people were? Do you know who made each day of school happy, fun, wonderful, and unforgettable? There are only seven names to remember. Amelia, Candy, Anna, Bailey, Phia, and Violet made grade five the best. Each and every day, me and some of my best friends would have adventures by ourselves during dismissal. We'd go to the library and surf the internet there, or play hide and seek and run through the book shelves like playing a maze. Each time the librarians would say shhh, we'd just stop and have a good time. Sometimes we'd go to the very large upper school department. That was the place where the big adventures were. To hide the name Upper School when we asked each other, we'd simply say, "Are we going to U.S?" or sometimes "Are we going to U.S.A?" And sometimes, we'd find secret passages leading to different parts of the school or goof off and run around the whole school. The feeling was more than wonderful nor magical. These words honestly cannot explain how much fun and happy I felt.

      Now summer is here and it has been super boring! We all miss each other, yet a really sad group chat was made in facebook yesterday. I was chatting with my friend, Amelia then suddenly a group chat appeared on the screen. It said "Bye my best friends". As I tapped the icon, I saw that one of my friends, Phia made a group chat. The members were Phia, Candy, Amelia and me. Phia told us that she would be moving to a different school and Amelia told us that she would be studying in Japan. It felt so sad. To read the words saying they'd move to new schools was so so sad.

     What does the title "My Sisters" have to do with my best friends? I'm an only child! Well, it's pretty obvious that I treat my best friends as sisters. They were more to me and I really miss them. 
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