Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Back To Reality

      Just last week, semestral break ended, and as our teachers say, we are now "back in reality". I finally feel it all come back. But today, I just want to say that for some reason, I feel really really happy. It's kinda weird because if you come to think of it, my present is filled with problems. School work is starting to multiply again, graded recitations are increasing, Donald Trump won the elections, me and Scarlette's fight still isn't over, my uncle went back to America, and yet, for some tiny fact which I am eager to find out, I feel indescribably happy.

      When I got home, I was just in this giddy feeling and I listened to some new songs. I actually have a theory that this could be the cause of my very strong patronus. To be clear and so I'll never forget this revolutionary day, I listened to "All Night" by The Vamps ft. Matoma, and "Bad Things" by Machine Gun Kelly and Camila Cabello. 

      Photo From Google Images

     Photo from Google Images

     Whenever I discover something new, I always have a theory or theories since I want to discover its real cause or what it is. For this matter, I have a theory that it's because my uncle left, and I feel happier since I mostly get annoyed at him. It could also be because of Scarlette since we don't talk and I'm a bit free, but that doesn't really make sense since I feel bad about that situation. It's a Tuesday, and we only have five subjects at school, which could also be a possible cause. But what I think is the real, and strongest reason of my happiness? Read on. 

      I kept on singing while fixing my stuff for school, and for the first time in such a humongous amount of time, I felt HAPPY. I wasn't faking it, or forcing myself to be happy. And this makes me so curious. 

      By dinner time though, I started watching some YouTube (I LOVE JANINA VELA AND BETHANY MOTA, BTW) and that was also such a great time, since YouTube is technically my solution to be happy and to laugh. I have this other theory that my sadness comes from the fact that I just do school work too much, and I think that I don't get to enjoy life very much, since it's always work work work work. I still have loads of time tomorrow to do my unfinished work, and that'll also be productive since I'll be doing something other than just watching the hands of our clock tick by. This cycle seems really healthy, and I love it. I hope my depression (I don't really have the disorder, jsyk. I just experience a lot sad stuff in life.) goes away, and I get some control over this life.

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