Sunday, April 03, 2016

Call of the Future

     Here we go again, the same old routine, same old cliche, the never ending saying. I'm sure this bores everyone, since it's already boring me, but nonetheless, I'm saying it again, even if my fingers hurt of typing it over and over again. Please, vote wisely.

     Surely, Filipinos are aware of the Presidential Candidates. From the tiny brown elf, the smarty pants, the half american, to the criminal killer, and the yellow believer of straight paths, only one is to be crowned. 

     Some people think that just because a candidate gives away free shirts or goodies means that he or she is honarable of being a leader. Some think that killing criminals is the answer to all our problems. Some think that just because the candidate is from his province means that the candidate is a worthy leader. Some even think that not voting at all will be the solution. 

     But none of these is the what will be for the better, because what we want is a bright future. No one will probably listen, but I'm telling you that if you want a bright tomorrow, if you want to kill your worries with hunger and poverty, robberies and corruption, the answer is you. Yes, you. And how will that happen? By you voting wisely.
     With technology at its best, we are provided thousands of sources to choose correctly. Debates, interviews, and the internet is beneath our fingertips, let us not put it to waste. And how? By using these for good, since with it, you'll be able to know who truly is worthy of becoming president. If someone knocks at your door and gives you free food, you'd like her a lot, wouldn't you? But that doesn't mean that you'd tell her your deep dark secrets, that you'd let her live with you, right? And that's practically how the elections are. You have to know the candidates. To live with them, to go to work with them, to befriend them.

      If you're still confused, remember the merciless ways of Martial law. Remember how much blood Ferdinand Marcos produced, remember our bravery in the EDSA Revolution. Remember Dr. Jose Rizal's way of words, and how big of a help it was. Remember how sweet the taste of freedom from the Japanese was. Remember your family. Think of your children, think of their future. I leave you this question, reader, will killers, liers, robbers, or corrupt leaders be the answer? 
     By the time the tippiest tip of the pencil shades the circle, it'll all be too late. By the time the cool wet ink is on your thumb, it'll be the end. Every single vote counts, no matter how small it may seem. Every single one of them. The future is calling for you, and it wants to grow up to be a bright one.

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