Saturday, April 09, 2016

Broken Glass

     Shouts of help, guidance, and confidence resided inside of her, begging for someone or something to help her, or probably get her out of this mad world. She was wounded, cuts in her eyes, the pain of needles in her body, blood from every corner, all because of her

     There once was a good, innocent girl. But she wasn't always like that. There came a time when her glass was full, and it broke into tiny fragments, the water spilling there, the sharp parts affecting every muscle inside her. And that was when she changed. Shouting and whining became one of her few hobbies. She was rarely ever in the mood to smile, or be happy (especially when her best friend was with her), without an argument. Boy, if you ever put those two together for a day, you'd end up in a battlefield of bombs and guns.

     On this particular day, she was shouting at her best friend since the photo she printed was blurry. From above, in her room, she yelled (And I tell you that the glass windows were very damaged because of this exercise). Then came the sound of footsteps becoming louder and louder, and appeared her innocent looking, curly haired, perfect friend.

"What is it?" 
With eyebrows knotted messily, the girl looked at her friend as if she had amnesia. "This photo is blurry!" She made it a point to give emphasis to the y at the end of blurry. It made her feel better somehow, knowing that her voice was loud enough for someone to finally hear, it made her feel like a sombody. The friend sat on the bed and took a quick peek at the photo. Still not answeing, the girl began to complain. "Hey, what am I going to do??? The squad might get mad!" The girl continued whining.
"I'll just print it again." The answer was blank. It was as if the words were forced to come out of her, as if there was a juicer to squeeze and force the juice to come out. It felt fake, but she didn't have any choice if she wanted her friend to be at peace. Anything for her, right?
"When?" The girl asked back calmly but firmly.
"Once I get permission from my parents." Still, blank as an empty flower vase.
"Ugh." The girl whined a little softly. She was annoyed because the situation made her look like the antagonist, and her friend was obviously forced.

     Deep down inside, the girl didn't like being like this. She didn't like having to whine or be mad all the time. She was thirteen, for goodness sake, she wasn't a baby anymore, but she wasn't completely an adult. But why was she always like that? Why? Well, the answer's pretty simple. For one, she's a teenager. And for the past years, her friend would always ignore her even if everything was perfectly fine. And I know this, dearie, for I am the narrator, and I am sure of it. Every time they'd go to the mall, her friend would sit down and talk to her phone instead of her. When watching TV, and she'd ask a simple question, the friend would stay watching, completely mute to a distant human voice. Whenever it came to communication, her friend would never understand her, not even try her best. She was always like that, and you can't expect the girl to not get down.

     A lot of people are like this, especially teenagers. Teenagers nowadays are very different. They like sleeping late, being exposed with gadgets, cursing a lot, and usually not caring about other people's feelings. They can be rebellious. I'm not taking this against them, but I'm not saying that I'm like this either. All I'm trying to say is that nowadays most teenagers are like that, and we should understand people who are like this, because you never know how they're really feeling deep inside. You don't know if they have to cope up with mean parents, or go through low grades, or not get the perfect life she thinks you have.

     Understand, be kind, and try your best not to be a villain.

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