Friday, December 23, 2016

iMiss iCarly!

     For the past three days since my Christmas break started, I've practically been doing nothing but re-watching episodes of iCarly! I've actually been planning to watch iCarly for a pretty long time already, ever since December started. I just love reliving my childhood, and I miss the thought of being a careless seven year old, going home to turn on the TV and laugh at the silliness of Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Spencer.

     The first thing I did this morning was watch iCarly (obvsly) :iGoodbye. I never got to watch that episode before, since me and my family were super busy during that time because we were moving to a new house, and so it was the first time that I laid my eyes on it. 

     I'm not very emotional when it comes to TV or movies, but I found myself swimming in a river of tears this morning due to iGoodbye -- iCarly's very last episode. iCarly has just been my childhood, and seeing it all end so sadly with Carly living with her dad made me feel as though it symbolized the end of my good old days as a kid. I think that the part that made me tear up the most was when Carly's dad announced that Carly could live with him. It just pulled me down to pure sadness when Sam said Carly should go for it, and if she'd been in her place she'd totally say yes. The first ever iCarly episode, iPilot, ends with a hat party to celebrate the success of their very first web show. And my heart broke to billions of pieces when they ALSO had a hat party in the very last episode. They all had a group hug, and the very last line to bring a knot to the whole series was Freddie saying "And, we're clear." 


     Seriously, I just wish that Dan Schneider would have ended it with no such drama at all. Just a normal natural episode like any other regular day, or probably he could have erased all the emphasis given to the fact that truly, it was the end. (ehem, ehem, SAYING THAT ICARLY IS SIMPLY TAKING A BREAK JUST MAKES THE PAIN FEEL SO MUCH WORSE, because duh, IT AIN'T!) Or maybe, they could have given any other non poisoning ending to the series by killing Carly or Sam and just getting it over with! (Okay, I was joking, but still, I FEEL SO SAD FOR WHAT'S HAPPENED!) I know that this premiered long ago in 2012, but I just cannot get over this, and I'm afraid that I never will.

     Without a doubt, iCarly occupied such a big space in my heart, and it always will. It's been a part of my life, and has made me laugh on the darkest of days. It even feels as though I've been there from the very start all along. I just want to say that iLOVE iCarly, and I'll never ever forget about it. I'm sad that it's ended, but I'm thankful for what it's been.

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PS. I ship Creddie. 

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