Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas Once Again

We warmly welcome once again the warmth of Christmas Joy as the 25th of December slowly creeps up around the corner. For the only month in the whole year, the world will be covered in snow, holly, mistletoe, and love. But I, Athena Cat, have only one word to describe how my December's been going. BUSY

     Photo Creds: We Heart It 

     These days, I rarely ever get to do the things that I love, and this is once of the reasons of why I have such few blog posts on Wonderings Of A Writer for 2016. And Christmas is not an excuse for this, but rather, a sign of even more things to be doing. The demands of school are really just too much already! I even think that I'm loosing all my creativity and color since it's becoming replaced by each day of solving math problems or accomplishing reaction papers and essays, instead of finishing my stories, doing calligraphy, or catching up with the current book I'm reading. I sleep at midnight just to finish all my homework! All my time at home is spent for school! Even my weekends are just so filled! I seriously DO NOT feel happy about this. At all. 

     Despite Christmas's warmth and joy, I still have to finish everything before I am finally able to breathe. For the first two weeks of the month, I had to finish hundreds of school projects, which mercilessly included; memorizing a poem to present in the front of the class, creating a math tutorial video, and having to already prepare (as usual) my periodical exam reviewers.
     By the third week of December, I had my final periodical exams for the second quarter. And how did it go, you ask? Some were walks in the park or pieces of cake. But the others? Oh, just World War III, I guess! After the finals, we had our Intrams, and this wasn't the best of times either. Academic stuff were all finished, yet the intrams were so boring, and we had to stay at the court, watching different sports for three whole days. And we had no choice but to go to school since our teachers bargained with us a plus ten in our MAPEH quizzes if we all went to school on time and wore the proper attire. 

     This weekend wasn't very busy with school, but we had to go Christmas shopping some more and wrap presents once we got home. I also had to go to Emma's house to finish a school project, then me and mom went to the mall to watch Rogue One last Saturday and we saw Moana on Sunday. 

      This very second is one of the best times I shall cherish, for it is once of the very rare times I will get to myself. I love Christmas, but I've got to admit that it can just be the busiest time of all sometimes. This is Athena Cat signing out, saying Pause Noël est enfin ici!

     We Heart It (Photo) 

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