Tuesday, May 10, 2016

It Comes Again

     I won't say that I vividly recall the day I wrote an article last year in May 2015 about my day of enrollment at school, because I find that as such a cliche, though, I do very much recall the day I went to school and heard Candy calling my name, missing her desperately. But now, I am finally allowed to go to the mall with her. 

      With the summer calligraphy classes anxiously stressing me out, hundreds of books waiting to be read, and sunny days to go out swimming, it still isn't the best summer ever, but the most fast paced summer yet. 

     My dad enrolled me last week for the next school year, and we've already bought all my textbooks, school supplies, and uniforms.

     This school year, I have got to be better. If last year, I didn't do enough I'll have to force myself to be the best I can be. Of course, this means listening to my teachers, reciting a lot, and going over my notes once I get home. I'm already finding this impossible as the words on my tablet continuously go longer. But most of all, I'll have to overcome that fear of staring into my teachers' eyes. I don't usually make eye contact with my teachers since if I do, that means she'll call me to answer her questions.

     All I really want is that perfect school year just like fifth grade. Teachers who aren't boring, high grades (yes, I was even included in the top ten smartest students in class), and the best friends of all. God, please help me. . . . I really need your help.
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