Friday, December 18, 2015

Pool Party to the Mall

     Today was our Christmas Party at school, and I cannot believe how the sudden change of events happened. My happiness and shock are beyond words. I just wanted to grab a lightsaber and joyously hit everything I saw when something like "yes" came out of my mom's mouth. Me and my friends were supposed to be swimming at my house, but it was postponed due to their parents's decisions. 

     I wore my blue checkered dress and grabbed my pink and gray hairband. I gripped the handle of my blue and and gold bag and turned for the stairs going down. I combed my hair, wore my sneakers, and waited for the bus to arrive. The next thing I knew was that I was staring into the window of an empty classroom waiting for a party to be threw. I opened the door and sat in the very corner in front next to the teacher's table. To pass some time, I got my i pad and started reading some soft copies of books. Some of my boy classmates started arriving, like my gay classmate, Fred, who started catwalking with my cute little sling bag and taking photos with me. I laughed crazily as he modeled along the room.
     After some minutes, the usual routine of the paging system and Christian Living Department followed. And then my friends came!!! After the routine, I remembered that yesterday Ms. Bay said that we had the freedom to sit anywhere we wanted. So Dina saved me a seat as I rushed to get my stuff. Later on, our other friends arrived. From left to right, this was our seating arrangement sequence; Fay, Ally, Pepper, Dina, Me, Chezka, Satira, and Holly. I and my friends started taking infinite selfies, then we visited the other classrooms to give away our gifts. As usual, I went to Candy's, Anna's, and Violet's classrooms. I gave my friends some notebooks, and makeup for Ms. Bay. 

     When we came back to the classroom, the party games started, which was honestly the most borng part ever. Ms. Bay requested each group of the class to come up with their own games. And why is that boring? Because my classmates cannot be trusted!!! Okay, I'm being too harsh. But it would've been better if Ms. Bay came up with the games. The first game was my group's game, which was ATM, short for "Ang tenga mo". It was just imitated from "ATM with the Baes" in Eat Bulaga. The first player will read a question, and if he/she doesn't know the answer, the player can just whisper the question to the next person. But if he/she knows the answer, the player can whisper the answer to the next person. Once the answer/question reaches the last player, the last player will have to shout out the answer. If the last player doesn't, everyone looses. The game was also boring since for some reason, THERE WASN'T ANY MUSIC!!! Dead air, people!

     The next games were chubby bunny, trip to jerusalem, flour game, paper dance, sack race, and bring me. (BTW, my partner was Dina in the paper dance.) 

     We ate food next!!! Yum! KFC was the school's sponsor, and we had Zesto as drinks. And after eating (WITH NO MUSIC!), the most awaited gift giving finally began. We sat on the floor and formed a circle in the middle of the room, and I had an ultimately hard time because I was wearing a dress! We described the person we picked, and when i was my classmate Rey's turn, he described someone as creative. I had a feeling he picked me, because he asked me if I really wanted cash for the christmas party. And then he gave the big square wrapped present to me. (In my wishlist, I asked for a book, art supplies, or cash.) Then I stood up and described the person I picked as "good in math". And who else would that be? My annoying, Top 2-of-the-class, former seat mate, Vinn. I gave him a 349 peso red cap from Bench. 

     Once everyone was finished opening their presents (I didn't open mine since I wanted to wait until Christmas!), it was still 10:10, and our dismissal was still at 11:30, so I, Dina, Holly, and Chezka went to sit with Pepper and Emma at the school's open area. I was taliking to Satira when I told her that I was going to Ayalala, the mall, with my mom. She told me that she was going to ride a jeep to get to Ayalala where she was going to meet her dad. Since I was going too, she asked if she could take a ride with me and my mom. I said yes, but I told her that I wasn't sure, so me and Dina went around the school to call my mom and ask her if Satira could come with us. But sadly, the school's phone wasn't working. The variety store's sellers didn't say yes. Or the security guard's phone. And me and Dina were too shy to ask the other workers at school. When we came back to the open area, Pepper and Emma went home, and Scarlette, Fred, and Jacky were there. And they wanted to go to Ayalala with me and Chezka too! Me and Dina tried the school's phone again, and when we returned to the open area, the crowd grew larger with Danica adding the party. The others including Chezka were now going to commute with Holly's nannny. After everything was settled, the final word was that we were all going to Ayalala and we were all going to meet at National Bookstore.

    I went with Dina to the waiting area, and was shocked to see my mom! I couldn't believe my happiness when she said yes. Yes that I was allowed to go to Ayalala with my friends! But before that, we went home first to get my phone and power bank. Then we sped off to the mall. We parked at the third level and did nothing but go straight to National Bookstore. I saw the corner of the store, and Holly's nanny! They were here already! I saw five girls near the escalator searching for something. Or someone! I kissed my mom goodbye and headed for Danica and the others. They all questioned me why I took so long, and I'm just like "Can't you even say hi first?". And the adventure started as we were lowered by the escalator's steps.

     Our first stop was the arcade aka Timezone. Holly tried to play the crane and win an R2D2 plush, but it just wasn't her lucky day. I tried the candy crane, and how annoyed I was when the hand gripped nothing! Holly also tried the basketball game thingy. 

     After the arcade, we saw a collection of electric comfy chairs displayed in the middle of the mall aka massaging chairs. There weren't much people, so we paid ten pesos and sat on the chairs. THEY WERE JUST RELAXING! At first, it tickled your feet, but once you get the hang of it, it'll just be relaxing. I felt my slightly slouched back straighten, and my stiff neck relax. Typing this makes me feel old...

     We went to Toys R Us next, and I felt so great to look at toys and lightsabers! Sometimes, I just feel embarrassed to walk in the toy store because of my age. But since I was with my friends, you should've seen how childish we were! Danica even wanted to buy some walkie talkies to play with school, and me and Holly addicted over the Star Wars stuff, which I am definitely adding to my Christmas wish list! Sarita bought a 99 peso ball that looked like glass, but when you touch it, it's as bouncy as a basketball! 

     And the adventure didn't stop there yet, as we went to Starbucks, because Danica had to go to the mall next door to get cash from her mom. And so we waited. And waited. And waited. And we didn't even order some food. And Holly kept on begging us to watch Star Wars Episode VII (BUT I ALREADY WATCHED IT YESTERDAY!) 

     And now for the yummy part! Our next stop was McDonald's, where Holly, Chezka and I ran from Jacky, Danica, and Scarlette, but later on saw each other at the restaurant. I ate the usual Chicken fillet meal with extra gravy - and I had to admit that I wanted to order some more since I was freakin' hungry! I was suddenly alarmed when I got a call from my mom's phone. And to make matters worse, it wasn't my mom. Nor a contact. It was just a number! I answered it. "Hello?" it asked. "Hello?" I replied. Just then, Danica grabbed the phone and answered. "Hello?" she said. "Athena Cat daw!" she told me. I was curious since that wasn't my phone, it was my mom's. How could someone be looking for me? Danica looked at me again and said "Ay hindi, Cindy Cat daw!" (In english, that means "Oops, he/she said Cindy Cat!") Danica talked to the phone once more. "Ay sorry hindi po. Phone na po ito ni Athena Cat, anak po ni Cindy Cat. Dati po kasi ito sa nanay nya. Sigi po bye po." (In english, that means "Oh sorry, no. This is now the phone of Athena Cat, daughter of Cindy Cat. It's just that this used to belong to her mother. Okay, bye.") I was so thankful that Danica did that. I would've been dead if she didn't talk to the phone.

     Now for my favorite part of the day! Me and my classmates are getting older and older each day, and to cherish our childhood, I always make sure that I don't act as old as my age. And now, I've involved my friends! Can anyone guess what we did? Okay, here's a clue; there's a ball pool, slides, and lots of bridges. Yep, it's the playground! The place was crawling with toddlers, and after hundreds of years, I finally stayed in a playground for thirty minutes again! This rarely happens, ya know. The slides were driving me mad, and there was like this bowl chair, where you can sit, as a friend turns you around, and it's like you've rode a roller coaster! There were these ball things that you can sit on, and they take you round and round! I got quite embarrassed though, when one of the staff told us that we should be careful of our skirts, since we weren't that young. He was gesturing to Holly and me, since we were wearing dresses. We played and played, and I knew that I would never ever forget this day. It wasn't like any other.

     The day ended with worries, actually. Me and Holly were looking at a small store called Iconic Socks, since I was wondering if I should buy the Star Wars socks, costing 300 pesos. So I called my mom, while Holly waited for me. But when I looked around me, Holly was the only one there. Jacky, Danica, Scarlette, and Chezka were gone. Me and Holly immediately rode the escalator and searched for the others. Once we got down, I saw Satira's XOXO Jansport bag right ahead of us. Me and Holly chased after them, through Toys R Us, People are People, and Red Ribbon. But it was too late. Once we were near Roy & Biv, I didn't see Satira's XOXO Jansport again. Me and Holly talked, wondering where to find them. We were about to go to Blue Magic when a scary gruff voice shocked the both of us. "Iha," it said. We turned around and saw an old man about 60 or 70. He had white hair, a blue jacket, pale brown pants, a red cap, and had a long umbrella along with a plastic bag. But his eyes. For some reason, I couldn't remember them. Was he wearing glasses? Shades? "Iha, limang piso ba ito?" In english, he meant "Miss, is this five pesos?" Holly was dumbfounded. She stayed quiet, and didn't know what to say. The old man repeated his questions again and again, and showed us the coin as if we were blind and deaf. This was unusual. He's an old man, yes. He may have poor eyesight and be quite deaf. But why would he ask young girls? There were hundreds of people around the mall. And why would he shock us? If he was going to buy something with that coin, why wouldn't he ask the workers in the store he was going to? I replied "Opo, limang piso po yan" loud and clear. I used a low voice and called Holly and we went to Blue Magic to find the others. I told her that I thought it was unusual of him to ask us. After no sign of the others, we quickly walked towards the escalator, seeing tje old man by Chowking. He didn't buy anything, and he wasn't doing anything but watch all the busy people roaming around. 

     Me and Holly went to Starbucks to tell her nanny that we'll have to find the others first, she had to go home since it was almost 4 o' clock.  We searched the mall as much as possible, but I went to my mom at Cafe Mary Grace with Holly, no sign of the others. Holly immediately went back to her nanny, maybe too shy to say hi to my mom. I know that the others are safe, and they'll all go home happy, like me. This day was a supposed pool party who transformed into an unforgettable wonderful mall party. I won't ever forget this day.

PS. At school, me and my friends were thinking of a plan to get rid of Danica, since she can be annoying. But as the day grew older, she was quite fun and wasn't that bad. :)

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