Thursday, December 31, 2015

Never Really Lost (Late Fanfiction)

The Land of Stories: Alex and Conner as twelve year olds, after discovering the fairytale world. They're at a small cottage in the real world.

Chapter 1
    The whole world was covered in a forcefield of snow. Tree, cottage, or human, you could never get rid of the thick white snow. "Mom, come on, we can't wait forever!" Alex and Conner Bailey called, each of them on a sled waiting to move. Their mom passed through the door running to the other side of the cottage, looking for something. "Wait, let me get my gloves!" called their rushing mother. Their mom went out of the house putting on the gloves in each of her fingers, and getting ready to ride the sled. "Ready?" asked Conner.  Mom and Alex give a nod as Conner counted. 1 . . . 2 . . . 3! Each of them slid down together having the best time of their lives. "FREEDOM!!!" shouted Conner standing up and raising his arms. "I feel like I'm in Narniaaaaaa!!!" shouted Alex with all her energy. As for their mom, she looked a bit green, but still couldn't miss an adventure. The hill going down had nothing but trees, all wrapped in thick blankets of snow. The cliff going down was coming to an end, and the force of their sleds wasn't so good. Their mom started holding their arms tightly, as the sleds continued sliding off the earth. "Kids, kids, be - AHHHHH!!!!!" The three sleds disappeared into different directions, but each had a lucky fall, thanks to their dear friends, the deep snow piles surrounding every corner of the globe.
     Alex felt the cool snow tickling her face. She looked up from the pile and started to go back to reality. "Mom?" she called out, but the icy wind is the only one who appears to be there. Alex looked around her, on her right the cliff they'd just fallen from sat peacefully still. On her left a crew of trees danced along with the weather. If front of her lay non other than a snow path. So far not a shadow nor a voice of Conner nor mom was to be heard and seen. With an it's-no-use look on her face, she bitterly stoo up and cleared off the tiny bits of snow from her outfit. She began walking and finding her family, when a forceful grip captures her foot on her first step. A hand. The hand was brisk, but she could feel a slipping feeling because of the hand's gloves. She turns around to see a tired guy lying down tiredly on the ground, as if he was running for ages . . . her dad?!

     Alex bursts into tears and falls to the ground, slowly hugging him. Her dad was alive. He was right in front of her. Alex forgot everything that surrounded her, only feeling the warmth of her dad. She looks at him again, but wait, why does he look a bit smaller than before? "Huh?" murmurs Alex in disbelief. "Good to see you too, Alex." says her dad. And then she realizes it isn't him. It's her brother Conner. He looked so much like dad. How his hair flew just like his, how his eyes looked at her, how he talked. "Conner! Oh my gosh!" she leans in and hugs him again. I thought you were dad." said Alex shyly. "Are you ok?" she asked. "Well, except from all the running I did and the tree and leaf obstacles, I should say that I am alive and fine." he said, gasping for air. Alex nodded, and replied. "Come on then, we have to find mom." she turns around and heads for the path ahead of them. "Where do you think she is Conner? I do hope she's alright,"she looks back to see if he's following him. But he isn't. So she knits her eyebrows in confusion. "Yeah, er, Alex, you might want to see this." said Conner. "What?" asked Alex. She comes closer to him, and he reveals a hand mirror. "And?" Alex looks at him because it's just  a regular mirror, reflecting the faces of her and her twin. It was a bit blurry, and it's metal handle was a bit rusted, but other than that, Alex didn't see anything unusual. "Conner, you know what we talked about with mom, right? No fairytale stuff till after Christmas." But Conner ignored her, and tapped the mirror twice, to reveal . . . a . . . a . . . face Alex was one hundred percent sure about.

Chapter 2
     "Conner, where did you get that?" asked Alex, now hugging the mirror closely next to her. "I don't know. I landed in the snow and my hand touched something. So I got it, and found that." said Conner. "But . . . but that's impossible. How could that be lying in the snow, not even disguised as something normal, here in the real world?" asked Alex dumbfounded. 

     "Alex, I don't know," said Conner. "but I think we should ask Grandma." 
"Okay, okay. But of course we've got to search for mom first." Alex said, quickly turning and calling for their mom eagerly, still hugging the mirror in her delicate arms, and looking at the happy face inside it. So calm, still. With a smile so warm like hot chocolate on Christmas day, and eyes so missed.

     As Conner followed his sister quickly, he started calling out for their mom too. Alex and Conner checked every tree, pile of snow, and area they found. Yet not a living soul but theirs was to be seen. After hours of going through endless snow, and being lost a thousand times in the woods, Alex and Conner decided to rest in a cave they found by a lake. The twins sat in the very corner, shivering hopelessly as the trees danced along with the icy wind of the drab night.

     Conner woke up with a start, because of something coming from somwhere in his back. He stood up and looked at where he was sitting, but there wasn't anything else but Alex sleeping peacefully. Seeing that it was still dark outside, Conner carefully sat next to Alex and shut down in a second. And just as Conner began to dream in his sleep, he woke up once again because of a prod from his back. "Alex, Alex, wake up." Conner shaked his sister as calmly as he could. "Conner!" Alex awoken with a start. "It's still dark outside, what's up?" she asked in a sleepy, complaining, yawning voice
Conner knelt and took a look at the icy ground where he and his sister slept so peacefully. "Didn't you feel anything near your back?" asked Conner. 
"Well, don't get surprised, but  I do have to admit that I slouch once in a while and it's kind of nasty." said Alex admiting the truth. "Why?" she asks sleepily, closing her eyes.
"I was just sleeping, and then I felt - AWWW!" Conner yelled. He opened his coat and took out the mirror, revealing no other than their dad. But their dad, it wasn't just a photo of him anymore . . . he was moving. And now he was was speaking. And the mirror, just above the earth, in front of Alex and Conner's eyes. . . It was floating.

"Alex." the voice said. "Conner.", it said this time, with tears falling through his cheeks.

Chapter 3
     Alex gripped the mirror in her hands, knowing that this gentle happy voice could be no one else but one person's. She remembered her childhood, the days where she and her family would listen to fairytales. And she replied. "Dad." she said gently. Conner looked inside the mirror, obviously trying not to cry. "Dad, is that really you?" asked Alex. "Yes. I am very much alive, Alex" the dad said with a toothy and teary grin. Making sure it was all real, Alex pinched herself, and knew that this wasn't a dream at all. "Dad, you're alive!" Conner said happily, touching the mirror to see if it was a portal of some sort. "Don't tell me a witch put you in there." Then the dad looked around him, checking if anyone else was there, when he was standing in the middle of nowhere. "Kids, I know you have lots of questions, but come closer. Hide in any place far from anyone else. Don't let anyone see you, not even your mom. I've already brought great danger, just when you saw me." The twins knew that their dad keeping secrets, especially from their mom, was sternly unusual. And that meant that this was a BIG problem. "It's ok dad, this place is human free, except for me and Alex." said Conner assuringly. "And dad." said Alex, looking at Conner in a were-you-born-yesterday?! way. "Okay then, I'm runnng out of time, so you've got to listen to me carefully." their dad said, as Alex and Conner nodded, understanding that their life was never normal. Especially when you were a bridge to two worlds. Their dad began. "First of all, a witch named Lopia trapped me in here years ago, when you two were babies. You're mom may have not told you so, but we used to go to this cottage in the past. We were having a stroll around the woods back then. And you're mom found a butterfly, which landed on my shoulder. Your mom squeaked in delight at the insect's beauty, and then BOOM! The butterfly turned into an old witch, Lopia, complete with warts and a black cloak. I got trapped inside this mirror, and was buried in the snow, steps away from your mom. Charlotte couldn't hear me, so she went all around the woods searching for me, not knowing that the mirror she'd stepped on was the answer to her problem. And for some reason," they're dad said, licking his lips. "I heard Mother Goose, not a few days ago, here in the woods. She was with Lester, saying that Lopia is in the real world, and will kill everyone she's cast a spell on, animal, human, princess, or fairy, real world or not, to regain her power." he continued. "And as Mother Goose said, when she kills everyone and recovers her strength, she will be immortal and take over the other world." The twins gasped, finding out that their place of fun, enjoyment, adventures, memories, and home was going to die. "But . . . we can stop her. Conner and I can do that." Alex said with all the tiny courage that was left. "Alex, Conner, I don't want you getting stressed out. . ." their dad began. "But Lopia has already killed all of the other innocent creatures she's cast a spell on. Mother Goose was here the other day to find me, because your grandma and she knows what happened. You finding me is very good, but also very bad, as Lopia will be looking for me." their dad said bluely. "Dad, now that we know you're only trapped in a mirror and your alive, we can't let anyone kill you." said Conner. "Yes, but you'll have to be sure about that. Because now, Lopia can also. . .take over the real world." Alex fell to the ground, as Conner hugged her so tight, both of them trying to be brave, knowing the fact that two twelve year olds can't save the whole world. Now, it was all over. Lopia will be stronger than ever, if she's killed everyone. 

Chapter 4
     And then a cold ruthless, yet powerful voice behind them filled their ears, making the sobbing stop. The twins turned around, only to face, no other than a witch, which could only mean one thing. Lopia was here.

     Lopia had a black gown, and had long fingernails with flaming red nail polish. Her eyelashes were perfect, and her eyes shined green with rage. "Conner, get dad and go away." Alex whispered. Conner put the mirror in his coat, but he didn't go away. Instead, he grabbed Alex's arm tightly, knowing that she wouldn't let him take her with them, and then he dragged her, forcing theirselves to run for their lives. But halfway through,  by the trees and the cliffs, where Alex fell. . . Lopia teleported in front of their very eyes. It was stupid to think they'd out run a powerful witch. "Leaving so soon, kiddos? The mirror for your freedom." Lopia's voice was beautifully unexplainable, like when you read the best book in history, but you could hear almost everything all sticked to its beauty. Hatred, sorrow, grief, misery, power, love, and mystery. But kindness, no, it wasn't one of them. "You'll have to go through us first," said Conner bravely, not caring if he died just by opening his mouth. "All right then, if that's what you people want. I am very easy to talk to." Then out of her finger, tiny sparkles of red light greeted Conner. . . but before that, Alex shielded her brother and closed her eyes, as an invisible forcefield shared its safety with them. "Beat that, Lopia!" laughed Conner while patting his sister confidently on the back. "You are no match for me, pathetic little child!" Lopia yelled powerfully. And then from two of her pointer fingers, gigantic beams of red light hit Alex and Conner. But before that, Alex knew it was coming. She knew that she wasn't the oldest, or wisest, of fairies. She knew that this witch had more power inside of her than she expected. But Alex knew that she could defeat her. It was either Lopia was going to die, or she would die, including the rest of the world. She knew that good was always better than evil. She trusted herself. She could do this, for crying out loud! She was the granddaughter of the fairy godmother!

     Alex concentrated real hard, knowing that nothing is ever impossible. And then a giant blue beam erupted from nowhere, striking Lopia straight into her heart. She fell to the ground, and stayed there like a statue for eternity. And Alex collapsed, as darkness bid her good night.

Chapter 5
     The next thing Alex felt was her body, lying down in a very soft bed. She tried opening her eyes, but all she saw were blurry images. She winced, and saw was Conner, her mom, her grandma, and the mirror right next to her. "I am so proud of you!" her grandma announced, with tears as she planted a kiss on her forehead. "Alex, I was worried sick, and I can't believe what just happened." her mom said as she squeezed her arm. It was good to feel her mom's love again, because other than her dad, she was the next person she knew loved her very much, and Alex knew that this, was very much powerful. "Alex! You just saved the world!" said Conner brightly. "Conner, if you didn't find the mirror, it could've been the end of the world." Alex said, returning the smile. She sat straight and got the mirror. She tapped it twice, and saw her dad, smiling with proudness. She looked at her grandma. "How do we get him out?" Alex asked. Her grandma smiled mysteriously, as she grabbed Charlotte's arm and went out the door. "That is for you to find out." Alex and Conner were left alone in the room, with a mirror. "So dad, how do we get you out? Christmas is just around the corner!" exclaimed Conner. "Dad, I just know in my heart that this Christmas will be the best with you." said Alex.

     Their dad looked at them, with the best smile. "Alex, Conner. I am very very proud of the both of you. But I'm locked in here forever." their dad said. "Oh, come on dad, no jokes this time." Conner said, though his face was worried. "Dad, that can't be true. Nothing's impossible." said Alex, as their dad sighed. "We just defeated a powerful witch, freeing our dad out shouldn't be that hard." she said. "If Lopia were alive, and she wouldn't have the plan to kill me, I could've been set free." their dad replied. Alex and Conner wore pale, expressionless looks on their faces. The end of the world was better than not being with their dad. "But you'll have this mirror. And you know, I'm never really lost. Wether I get into jail, die, or if a witch casts a spell on me, I will always be with you. Remember that. Because I love you, and I am never really lost. You will have the best Christmas ever, I guarantee you."

     And with that, Alex and Conner knew that this was far more better than not even getting to talk to him. As long as there is love, nothing is ever really lost.


*Late Fan fiction. These are the five chapters for five weeks.


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