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     Before I was eleven, I never had dreams as much as I do right now. Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Battle of The Labyrinth was just a normal book to me, but ever since I read it, my imagination was truly unlocked and I dreamt almost everyday until now. And the story actually bears no such resemblance to what I dream of.

     I love it whenever I dream. It's kind of like reading books, but you have more surprise, and no clue of what is happening. You don't know the conflict, since you can't read the back cover of a dream, and you don't know who the characters are yet, cause there aren't pictures of them in each chapter you go through. It's like real life, but you get to experience the impossible. Another thing that fascinates me is how you simply know what is happening in dreams and know who the people are, even if it wasn't stated. You just know. And I find that incredibly wonderful.

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     According to Google, people actually dream a lot every night, but they tend to forget. In my case, I started dreaming a lot just by reading a book. Whenever I stop dreaming, it would only be for a short period of time, like day or two. So during the past few months (February, I think), I made a dream diary. And after a week or a month, the consistency of me writing entries in it stopped. I got lazy and busy. But the good thing was that I really know how to remember my dreams now, because I had some practice. Even so, if you want to dream often, you should really keep a dream diary even if you've already got some practice.

     I've dreamt of doing a cartwheel, swimming under the deepest depths of the ocean, and having a chicken contest with my friends. They're sometimes weird, but you do have to say that they are very fun. I don't usually dream of nightmares, but I'm quite afraid with a dream I always got, ever since I was four. I'm in a dark place, and I'm tiny and standing on a humongous wobbly chair. And then when the chair falls down, it's as if I really fall down too and then I open my eyes, still facing my beloved sleeping puppy next to me. A bit scary, but it amuses me too.

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     With this, I have a new story idea. It is quite exciting, since dreaming while I'm asleep and daydreaming are some of the things that I absoloutely love. 

     The story will be mainly about a twelve year old girl who dreams a lot. She remembers all her ten dreams every night. But her dreams aren't normal. Fun and amusing, yes, but peculiarly unusual. Because she can dream of the past, present, and future comnined in one.

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     Then there are the three main dreamers, or, dream protectors. They live secretly and are known by no one. The first one is a lady who I guess, is named past. She mostly wears blue outfits and is very beautiful, but expect her to be very forgetful. The present is sandman (I'm doing my best to not make this sandman be like the one in Rise of the Guardians), who is currently like the one in Rise of the Guardians in my imaginations, but I'll be doing some revision once I get started. And the last dream protector is called the Future. He is the most mysterious one of all, and is rarely seen by Present and Sandman. He goes in black cloacks, but he isn't necessarily a bad guy. He is unpredictable. Sometimes he is happy and cheerful, and sometimes not. 

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     The sandman has a son, who is kind of like Peter Pan. He is sent by the main dreamers to go to the girl. His mission is to observe her for some reason which I'll create when I get started, but when the boy messes up and is seen by the girl, things change and the main dreamers loose communication. The boy then discovers something new; the twelve year old girl could possibly be included in the next generation of dream protectors.

     It all isn't final yet, but I'm quite excited. I'm also currently in mourning state in Kazinra's world. Honestly I want to stop the writing the story because I feel so sad and irritated with Callaron, and myself. Actually, I'm really confused and I'm probably just going to go with the flow. Ugh. 

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