Sunday, January 15, 2017

Dear Ri,

Hey. It's quite weird addressing you to your real name, or well, a shortcut of your real name. But still, it's an improvement though. 

     I've written a lot of things about you -- thoughts, wonderings, stories, and unsent letters -- and ever since February 12, 2016, a single day hasn't went by without me thinking about you. It's 2017 already, and I haven't had one dream of you yet for this year. I really miss dreaming of you. 

     I had a lot of time for writing Perfecting a Princess these past three days, because our issuance of report cards at school happened this Friday, and we didn't have classes. I miss my characters in the story, and I always remember you when I continue writing. (Currently, I've just finished Chapter 18 and Perfecting a Princess will be celebrating its anniversary this summer.)  I'm also very sad because now, I can't stalk you because your posts have gone private. Ugh. 
     I don't really have anything very important to tell you right now. I just miss my dreams of you, and sometimes, I seriously pray for you. Hope you're doing well, and hope I see you again in my dreams.
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