Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Girl I Once Knew

A girl I once knew
Flashed pretty smiles and had a laugh so true
She loved the world, no matter how blue
And treated everyone highly, without a single screw
A little miss sunshine she was,
Through and through

          Photo from Pinterest

A girl I once knew
Helped her friends up, gave them a tool
And smiled back, at the laughing people she'd never thought were fools
A girl I once knew
Cheered for the others; and fed an encouragement attack
And replied back, timidly 
That she is okay, and on the right track

      Photo from Pinterest

A girl I once knew
Looked at the mirror,
But the horrid truth struck once more
With my own face staring back blankly,
That Girl, little miss sunshine in front,
With tears, shouts, stabs of pain, 
Is this sunshine, is this sunshine you call?
Do not believe in lies
For the truth is always masked,
The depressed smile the brightest,
As the saddest leave the littlest of clues

      Photo from Pinterest
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