Sunday, June 05, 2016

Paradise of Yesterday

One day on a regular February Night
Three days before fourteenth 
And Heart's Day will arise
I clean my teeth 
Then turn off the lights
I get the treat
And sleep real tight

     Photo from We Heart It

Closing my eyes,
I'm in a new world
It's a dream I must say
Of the before
And the gift
Of today

I have collapsed on the ground
As a friend picks me up 
And I finally see it
There it is; yesterday,
All in front of me
She pulls me close to it 
And says it's the same
Then my mind will say
"Yesterday cannot be compared
With what I am today"
It looks hesitant
But I stay, 
Knowing it all in my mind
Even if not a mouth will say

Not much eyes are laid,
So I go on
And think that nothing has changed
Yet it seems I am wrong
For yesterday still hasn't 
Done what I desire
Now I want for it
To leave me broken and unaligned

      Photo from We Heart It

Time grew a bit older
As it haunts me still
On the net I see
Colliding with today
I remember before,
It asked me outragous things
In paradise, of all
And I just ask why oh why
It then gets mad
Because I was grouchy, but is that all?
But I know in my nerves
That this is not lame
It is unusual and abnormal
And I am cursed
In a river of the past 
For my whole lifetime

Until now
It touches my life
Through writing
Through looking 
Through breathing
Through living 

I try to give up
But I have fallen in a river
I want to be broken
Just to let go

I am usually strong 
And rarely faltered
I'm not a fool
Nor am I pathetic
This means yesterday is different 
Because I fall for a reason;
I wouldn't drown in the river
If it weren't for you 
And the little lies I belived in 
At my fictional dream world

The bell is about to ring once more
The dreams I'll have
Won't be about you anymore
I feel like a balloon 
That was filled with air
But it wasn't tied
It was only blown
You do not know me
And nor do I 
You will only be
The Yesterday 
Full of lies and cries

But one thing is for sure
You are impossible
And untrue
I want to give up 
Because the past 
Is just made up of freakin' you

     Photo from We Heart It

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