Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Athena Cat as Kazinra Dephlee

Dear Callaron,

     I vividly recall the very first day I met you. Both a little old already, definitely not the preschoolers we were back then. I collapsed on the ground and suddenly I wake up to see you. I didn't really care about it THAT much. But three days before Valentine's, we talked on Facebook. And that was when it all hit me. These two DREAMS were highly unusual. I did so many research about dreams and people, and then I think I became obsessed. Because every time I tell myself to stop, it just so happens that we see each other again, with no control whatsoever of mine. Because they are dreams, and dreams are fiction. Fiction means not real.

     One thing you should know about me, is that the littlest of things matter. The way someone chews their straw, how my teacher shouts at me, or how annoying it is to have to put force just to erase those pencil marks in a notebook. And this dream wasn't even something little. It was something so odd. It mattered to me a lot.

     You should also know that I, as a Scorpio, do not fall for people (Humanoids :| ) easily, but when we do, it is as deep as Adele rolling in it. But I am really not saying that I actually, really liked you. I only liked you for those dreams. If I never had those dreams, you do know that I's never come to the point of typing this dumb letter.

     But now, even if I tell myself to stop dreaming, that it's final, I'll stop, the dreams of you really do stop now, unlike in the first few months. This probably means it is time to forget. And if not, I really should. Yesterday, I finally moved on from nothing. Yes, nothing. I never knew you. You never knew me. Strangers, okay? And I treated it as if it was some big deal. What is it to you anyways that someone dreams of you multiple times and you yourself don't even know about it? Will you care if I told you that I was someone from the past? Of course not, because what always matters is the present. But ever since January or the first week of February this year, you've made an enormous impact on me. I just got curious.

     I've did research about you, and for some reason that I am not sure of either, I am letting this all stop. What matters more in a dream is what the message is and what happens, than who was in it.

     I was kind of happy about it back then even if the touch of insecurity and fear was there.  Now, I can't believe that I'm actually a bit sad! I am so so so stupid. I also feel mad and annoyed at you so much for making me have those dreams, even if I know that it wasn't your responsibility. This is dumb and pathetic, I know. Dumb dumb Kazinra, having her own little fairytales.

     I want to tell myself reasons that will help me with this.
1. You don't know me. I doubt that you do after so many years.
2. I don't know you. No, just your name. Three is such a low number. We were three when we were classmates! I don't know anything else about you.
3. Dreams are not real. They're just messages from our
4. We will never be something close, like, classmates or something. (I AM NOT PERTAINING TO A >3 RELATIONSHIP, OKAY?! CURSE YOU,  IMAGINARY SHIPPERS)
5. Someone from the past is all we'll ever be to each other.
6. This is so stupid.

Your Past Friend,
Kazinra Dephlee
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